14 Thoughtful and Unique Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend’s Birthday

If there’s one thing more stressful and more thought-provoking than finding thoughtful and unique gift ideas for boyfriends, it’s definitely without a doubt finding thoughtful and unique gift ideas for girlfriend’s birthday. But have no fear, NLv is here to save the day. It is, after all, what we do best!

Compiled here for your convenience are 14 thoughtful and unique gift ideas for your girlfriend’s birthday that will leave your other half not only awe struck, but feeling super special at the same time!

Our selections were made with no small thought and consideration. Every item on our list are cheap, affordable, and super easy to order and have delivered – giving you the best satisfaction with no hassle whatsoever. 

So what are you waiting for, blow her away!

14 Thoughtful and Unique Gift Ideas for Girlfriend’s Birthday

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Tri-Fold Lighted Make-Up Mirror

Our first reaction upon seeing this first item on our list of thoughtful and unique gift ideas for girlfriend’s birthday can be summarized in just one acronym: OMG!

And of course who wouldn’t react that way? I mean, it’s a tri-folded mirror, for God’s sake, with 21 LED lights! touch screen, 3 times, 2 times and 1 time Magnification Mirror with two power supply modes!

In short, this is definitely absolutely guaranteed to blow your girlfriend away!

Back Neck Shoulder Massager

Stress, stress, stress. Definitely one of the major causes of negative emotions in relationships; tightness, soreness, back pains, neck pains are all as detrimental to the psychological health as they are to the physical.

Which is where this brilliant back and neck massager comes into play. It literally has your back! Guaranteed long-lasting pain relief and positivity all through! 

If you like your girlfriends uncranky, we advice you to the get this now

Super Delicious Pizza Socks

Two things that never gets old: Pizza, and Socks! All in one, gentlemen, all in one. Pizza socks!

Of course they’re not actual edible pizzas, just 4 pairs of beautiful, classy pizza-shaped cotton socks in a pizza box, good enough to make your girlfriend super blush.

And thanks to the natural components of their floral origin, her skin can breathe freely and be protected at the same time. Oh and guess what: they’re Italian, just like your real pizzas!

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Specially Handcrafted Bath Bombs

Fun fact about these 12 beautiful bath bombs: they are all uniquely handcrafted in California, USA with gorgeous fragrances and flower petals.

They contain balanced, lightweight moisturizer from the highest quality natural ingredients, and are all guaranteed to keep your girlfriend’s skin glowing, hydrated and super free.

DeFaith Golden Rose Token

The end product of a thorough crafting and selection process from seasoned professionals, the next on our list of thoughtful and unique gift ideas for girlfriend’s birthday is this beautiful golden rose flower token.

The individual petals, sepals, and leaves of this elegant rose are seasoned and cultivated, and only those with the appropriate composition of perfection and yes, imperfections, are chosen to pass through the strict inspection process.

Long-lasting and durable, you can be sure that for years to come this item will remain as a token and symbolization of your great love.

Essential Oil Diffuser Aromatherapy Bracelet

Another item another jaw-dropping reaction. The external aesthetic appeal of this beautiful bracelet is undeniable and will do just that to anyone, but the best part is it doesn’t just end there! 

Its aromatherapy feature means that it also helps relieves tension and stress, ease anxiety, calms emotions, improve your attention, and get rid of unpleasant odors and keep airborne pathogens and bugs away.

Adjustable and dainty, it also helps those who may be allergic to essential oils on their skin to reap the many benefits of aromatherapy. Why not get it now and watch your girlfriend blown away — healthily!

360° MakeUp Organizer

Next on our uber awesome list of thoughtful and unique gift ideas for girlfriend’s birthday is this 360° makeup organizer apparatus. And damn, can we just say, it’s nothing short of a brilliant personification of elegance meets convenience!

This cosmetic organizer easily stores cosmetics and skincare products of any size, freeing up your girlfriend’s vanity table or bathroom counter, thereby increasing efficiency in great folds. 

It also sports a 360° rotatable base, which means you can instantly access any item you need with just a spin!

Bluetooth-Enabled Beanie Hat

We dare anyone to name a more thoughtful and unique gift idea for your girlfriend’s birthday than this amazingly cool bluetooth-enabled beanie!

Not only does it combine fashion with tech, it also sports extreme functionality — keeping you warm in winter, bringing you hands free bluetooth music enjoyment and helping you make phone calls among others! If this doesn’t blow your girlfriend’s mind, then nothing will!

2 in 1 Portable Puzzle and Fidget Spinner

The latest patented fidget puzzle from Qiyi, this item on our list of thoughtful and unique gift ideas is a spinner and a 1 x 3 x 3 floppy cube.

Its exquisite design and perfect structure makes it a must have stress reliever toy. Plus its size and portablily makes it the perfect gift your girlfriend can take anywhere and remember you by always.

It can be played anytime and anywhere, and like every other gadget on our list, it is also super safe.

Magnetic Levitating Floating Globe

You gotta trust us on this one, there’s no way your girlfriend is seeing this 6 inches Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe without falling in love with you the more! As a symbolization of your love, it shows just how huge and essential it is. Of course this is a thoughtful and unique gift idea for your her birthday.

It’s a levitating globe that has an anti gravity system; it not only levitates, it rotates too! And it comes with a LED light, making it suitable not just for pleasure and edification, but also as a functional decorating piece for home, offices, rooms and desks — all for a very cheap price. This one, we assure you, is a banker.

Tactical Spy Pen

It’s time to live out that sexual spy fantasy. And it’s literally right by your fingertips, thanks to this item on our list of thoughtful and unique gift ideas for girlfriend’s birthday: the tactical spy pen.

Its primary function is mainly a self-defense instrument, which is great to protect her when you’re not around, but it doesn’t quite end there — oh no.

It also serves as a LED tactical flashlight, a bottle-opener, a window breaker and so much more! The pen is truly mightier than the sword, and there’s no better opportunity to inject that thrill into your relationship than this! 

Leather Journal Gift Set

Of course you’re wondering how in the world a leather journal gift-set can be part of thoughtful and unique gift ideas for girlfriend’s birthday.

It’s simple: if it helps your girlfriend write down just how much she loves you, and if its something that all great people must have, then of course it’s a thoughtful and unique gift idea for girlfriend’s birthday!

Plus this special Jofelo Handmade notebook comes with a super classy Rosewood pen that’ll help her get down that great memory as smoothly as possible. 

Da Vinci Code Cyrptex

All relationships can always do with a bit more thrill and mystery, and this DaVinci code cryptex offers both in abundance. 

It opens with a password you set, (with the default as iloveyou) and once in you can store pretty much anything in it: notes, poems, jewelry, keys, nostalgic tokens from the past or even other items on our list.

The uses are limited only by your imagination!

Innovative 3D Printer Pen

Rounding up our list of thoughtful and unique gift ideas for girlfriend’s birthday is this supercool, innovative 3D pen. 

Is your girl tech-savvy? like to scrawl stuffs? has a penchant for drawing? Then this heat-free 3D pen is just perfect for you. It also comes with different cool ink types, doesn’t clog like most do, and is extremely easy to use.

And since no heating is required, it is safe even in homes environment with children and pets around. 

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