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Dealing With Unrequited Love: Why and How to Handle Amorous Rejections

Getting rejected sucks. No matter how old one is. Maybe we learn to deal with it better as we grow, maybe we don’t. One thing is still for sure: it hurts. Lucky for us, however, it isn’t the end. You can get rejected and come back stronger. In fact it is one of the best […]

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The Trials and Tribulations of Moving In with Your Love – A Personal Guide

First time I ever moved in with someone other than my parent was when I was 22. It was a rather peculiar situation too and even though it didn’t quite turn out as I expected I did learn more than a lot from it. And so I thought, hey, why not share my experience so […]

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Being Mate-Realistic – A Guide on Love and Money

Money: that palpable, powerful, and universal phenomenon that is always on everybody’s mind. Or wait, is that love? No, it can’t be; because although it is also quite powerful, universal, and always on everybody’s mind, ‘love’ isn’t quite as palpable. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where the conflict begins.  Love and Money, A Conflict?  […]

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How to Ask For a Threesome Nicely – And How Not To

Let’s face it, it’s the 21st century and more and more couples are realising the benefit of trying “crazy stuffs” to spice up their relationships. And on top of this list of crazy stuffs is asking for a good old threesome – nicely. But of course it’s safe to say the topic can get pretty […]

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