14 Must-Have Shared Gift Items for Couples – Symbols of Love

There are certain things that scream we’re in love, and at the top of that list is actually being in love. Once you’re in love there’s no hiding it; it just radiates.

But while love itself is the best accessory for lovers to sport, there are some other more tangible accessories that physically symbolizes that love — and show just how in love you are with your partner.

Are you looking to get such an item for your partner to bring you both closer and show just how connected you are? Or are you looking to buy these must-have shared gift items for your favorite couples? Either way, our list of 14 must-have shared gift items for couples has you covered.

In here you’ll discover cheap and fantastic everyday tokens that have been carefully selected to mark and strengthen beautiful relationships and turn everyday items into substances that bring remarkable couples closer than ever!

14 Must-Have Shared Gift Items for Couples

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Fully-Customizable and Linkable Couples Keychain

Kicking off our list of must-have shared gift items for couples is this beautiful, fully-customizable and linkable couple’s keychain, because let’s face it, among the things we carry all over with us — apart from the thought of that special one in our heart — our keys and keychains are high on the list.

Which makes this linkable keychain from Personalized Master a perfect must-have shared couples gift item. Oh and did we mention, the metal is also an excellently electroplated stainless steel, which means it is super-durable and, just like your love, will definitely not fade with time!

   Quaint Journal With Joint Q&A Daily Journal 

What exactly makes this joint question and answer daily journal a perfect must-have shared gift item for couples? Is it the fact that it’s the perfect way for lovers to get all their special memories down on ink forever? Or is it because in it are guide-questions for every day and different spaces for answers provided by each couple?

Or is it all of the above!? We’ll let you decide!

Oh and did we mention there’s enough space and guide-questions to last you three years! What are you waiting for then?

       Couples Conversation Kit – Guide Game

This amazing game-set comes with a set of hundred conversation cards that are guaranteed to spark quality conversations between couples. The questions also comes with a wide range of variety — they are fun, thought-provoking, sexy, and educative.

Perfect for couples in relationships who seek to get to know their partners better, or just want to reconnect with some long-forgotten facts that made you fall in love in the first place. 

All you have to do is relax, listen, open your mind and share!

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       Super-Cute Throw Pillows

Fourth on our list of must-have shared gift items for couples are these simple but super-cute and adorable throw pillows. 

Elegant and affordable, they’re also perfect not just for couples who live together but also for couples who stay separately — who could always split the items and keep one each.

        Custom — Couples Apron

You know what they say, couples who cook together — are the most super duper uber adorable couples alive! And couples who don’t, well, at least they can always pretend to.

And what better way to lit up that kitchen romance than with this adorable couples’ apron.

It is also perfect for partners who have been wanting to lend a helping hand or spend more time with their other half in the kitchen! This is exactly the nudge you’ve been waiting for.

Couples Bedroom Costume

No you don’t have to wait until it’s Halloween to play dress-up in bed with your special one. Truth is costumes will forever remain great at keeping things between you and your partner interesting and spicy. And the good news is, you don’t have to wait till Halloween before you can summon the hero in you to save the day!

Here are some sexy bedroom costume ideas for you:

French Maid

Sexy Firefighter (Lady)

Sexy Firefighter (Men)

Sexy Police (Lady)

Sexy Police (Male)

Wonder Woman

Sexy Male Superhero? Wear Panties only!!

   Custom Bracelet for Couples

Some people believe bracelets have the supernatural power of keeping people linked as long as they both exist. While at NLv we don’t believe that’s actually true, we do believe that they are indeed magical.

And that’s why this gorgeous, fully customizable bracelet is next on our list of must-have shared gift items for couples. You can have anything you want printed on them or go with the suggested messages. Either way with you and your partner wearing one each of this, your relationship is sure to become even more magical!

Matching Pajamas for Couples

Next on our list of must-have couples item is this pair of beautiful pajamas made especially for lovers. Customized his and hers, this beautiful piece of cloth ensures that however close or far apart you both her, you get to experience the constant connection.

And to make things fun, you can even swap things up so that his wears her and her wears his. Fun, isn’t it?

N.B: You may have to place separate orders for his and hers.

Relationship Book for Healthy Relationships

A greatly nurtured, minds that thinks and adapt as one, these are some of the two things every relationship needs. And there’s only a few better ways to get them than by reading books.

While the original NLv healthy relationship guide is still in the works, we can only recommended other great relationship books for couples who want to strengthen their relationship and become even closer. Among those books are:

The 5 Love Languages by Northfield Publishing

Love & Respect Workbook by Thomas Nielsen

Mindful Relationship Habits – 25 Practices for Couples by CreatSpace Independent

I Hear You by Autumn Creek Press

5 Love Languages by LifeWay Press

Why not buy two copies and give one to your partner, or buy for your favorite couples and watch as their relationship gets transformed — they’ll never stop thanking you for it!

       Two-Section White Ceramic Dish

Next on our shaping-to-be-quite-awesome list of couples gift item is this brilliant piece of ceramic.

A two-section dish, this piece of loveliness provides the solution to couples who can’t help nut leave their tokens all over the place for lack of where to put them.

They can serve as housing for rings, bracelets, necklaces and a lot of other things here on our list. And the materials are so gentle they do not scratch or damage your tokens in any way!

Couples’ Shared Custom Shirts

Yeah, yeah, we know, Shared Couples’ T-Shirts are so 2008, but no not really. Beauty and coolness will never be out of vogue, and thankfully it is up to each and every single one of us to determine what that is for ourselves.

For those who still appreciate the beauty in matching couples shirts, these custom shirts can help you do just that. With an array of texts to choose from, like Better Together, His and Hers, Partners in Crime etc, and customization options, you just can’t go wrong. 

It’s up to you and your partner to bring coolness back to couples’ shirt. Do not let us down!

   Custom String of Love Coffee Mug

Because what be more adorable than sipping from a pair of identical mugs everyday before you both zoom off to save the word!? Nothing, of course.

Strong and durable, these classy, elegant 7 ounces, 3.1 inches wide store of joint awesomeness called mugs are definitely a must-have shared couples gift item.

        Couples’ Massage Oil

Why is this a must-have shared couples gift item?  Because massages are the best, that’s why! I mean of course they are.

Aromatherapy eases tension, and for relationships,  tension is bad bad! With one each of this massage oil, you and your partner can rest assured you have with you one of the most powerful tool of making sure your relationship literally runs smoothly!

      Aienid Couple’s Necklace with Stainless Pendant 

Last but by no means the least on our 14 must-have shared couples gift item list is this remarkable couples’ necklace with stainless pendant.

It’s super-affordable, elegant and yet perfect at its purpose  — which is to serve as a symbol of your lover’s affectation that both of you can share and hold on to when the need arises!

With your heartbeat always connected to this, you can tell that as long as you wear it, both your hearts will also be!

Oh and did we mention  — the necklace bead changes color with temperature! Super cool, isn’t it?

Well that’s it on our list of 14 must-have shared couples gift item! Hope you enjoyed it.

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