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Call us hopeless romantics, but here at NLv we do happen to have a strong belief in not only love, but that beautiful, enchanting phenomenon known as love at first sight — and we’re unapologetic for it.

To help our non-believer friends believe and see the light, we had to put together this short post explaining our position. Hope you enjoy!

Something Called Love, at First Sight

Love at first sight | sight

The way we see it is pretty simple. You see, love, being such a beautiful, amazing, complicated emotion/state of being that it is,  has different levels and manifestations to it.

There is, of course, the very popular classification of erotic emotions as lust, like, and love, all varying according to the depth of emotion and genuineness of affection proclaimed.

But we take it further by saying that even when an emotion has been defined unequivocally to be LOVE; that is when we have confirmed that it is neither lust, nor mere liking, we can still break down this LOVE into its elements, and examine its depth.

Again, by saying that it is LOVE, it means that by definition we have ascertained that the emotion is genuine enough to be called so. And also that it is, to the required level, deep enough.

But love is endless, and everyday when we’re with the ones we love we fall even deeper and deeper in love. Meaning, as a consequence, that there must be a starting point, developing point, and, logically, a peak point.

This is where love at first sight comes in.

Deeper Than Words

Love at First Sight - I love You Lights

At NLv, as members of that eternal romantic tradition, we believe in connections and communications that go deeper than words can convey.

One of the prerequisites, as a matter of fact, of being a romantic is to have both a belief in words and also an understanding at the same time that in the long run words are pitifully incompetent, and that there is a need to employ other more competent means to convey our thoughts; those that happen to be deeper than mere words can fathom.

And that is how love at first sight comes into play. 

In any case where people are said to have fallen in love at first sight, we believe it happens that way because there has been a communication, the kind of which we hinted at earlier, which transcends mere words; connecting to something much deeper and much truer than a million words can convey.

And it is when this type of communication has occurred between two kindred spirits that we can say, oh look there has been love at first sight between them. And look just how beautiful it is!

And as we mentioned earlier, it is very possible that this kind of love, at first sight, might not necessarily be at its deepest level yet.

Yes, it is absolutely genuine. Genuine enough to be truly regarded as LOVE at first sight, but still room, as time goes on, for the partners involved to get to know each other even more deeply and have an even better understanding and appreciation of each other.

Which makes it, however you choose to look at it, a fantastic bond. A great level to start from. Because you both know from then on that your souls connect on a profound, germane level; one that is much deeper than words.

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And For The Skeptics

And for those who would claim there is no love at first sight because of a misplaced conviction that in love at first sight the partners doesn’t really know each other; to them we ask, what really constitutes knowing?

Is it not most importantly communication? And isn’t the best kinds of communication the kinds that don’t require words before both partners understand each other?

Well then there you have it — love is the greatest language of all. And it needs no word to get its message across.

And again they. as a last attempt, might say, but true love happens only when both partners have embraced every aspect of the other person.

Why, yes of course, and it is the same in this case, only in love at first sight the embrace is more telepathic, because it is not only the brains that does it, it is the souls!

So In Conclusion

There is love at first sight. If you don’t believe us you’re going to hell!!! So believe us. Believe us. Now. Okay. Thanks.

And there you have it, hopeless lovebirds and skeptics, our attempt as romanticists trying to explain love at first. We do hope that you enjoyed that greatly and have been duly converted, if you haven’t before.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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