• Must-have shared couples gift ideas - by Jared Sluyter
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    14 Must-Have Shared Gift Items for Couples – Symbols of Love

    There are certain things that scream we’re in love, and at the top of that list is actually being in love. Once you’re in love there’s no hiding it; it just radiates. But while love itself is the best accessory for lovers to sport, there are some other more tangible accessories that physically symbolizes that love — and show just how in love you are with your partner. Are you looking to get such an item for your partner to bring you both closer and show just how connected you are? Or are you looking to buy these must-have shared gift items for your favorite couples? Either way, our list…

  • The thrill of the swing - by Noah Sillerman
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    The Thrill of the Swing – A Converted Swinger’s Story

    To be honest I’ve always known I would do something like this. I mean I’ve never really been a believer in closed relationships. Don’t get me wrong, I understand why people do it. I understand how the other person appears so special to you that if feels like you can’t afford to share them with any other person.  Adorable. It’s romantic and beautiful, but it’s not me. Growing up in my teenage years I was always so angry that having closed relationships is a norm imposed on everybody. What if I just want to be free?  But then I discovered swinging. But before I tell you about how I discovered…

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    Why You Should Leave Your Partner Alone | And How

    “Leave my partner alone? What the hell does that even mean? What the actual hell has gotten into you, NLv? Why in the world should I leave my beautiful, loving, adorable partner alone?” The Why — to show them how much I love and care for them? to show them I trust and cherish them and want them to be as moderately self-sufficient and independent as possible? to focus on my own self and improve myself in the process so that we can have an even healthier relationship? Oh look, we got the why out of the way already. Bravo.  Now when we say leave your partner alone of course…